Entrepreneur’s Road Map – Idea to Implementation

There are no shortcuts to success. The entrepreneurial journey is extremely difficult and challenging but if pursued with a plan, it enhances your chances of success. We at BPlanExperts.com help entrepreneurs to approach entrepreneurship with a structured approach.The board game format shown above constructs the start-up journey, with each block denoting a step closer to success. Want to play the entrepreneurship game? Let’s roll the dice.

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Know Your Investors: Customize Your Business Plans

The key step in scaling up your venture is to acquire external funding. While newer and more affable avenues of funding are opening up the competition among fund seekers are also rising exponentially. Let me be very categorical here, investors whether it’s a bank or a private investment houses like venture capitalists or angel investor are in the business of investing. It has become almost impossible to raise funding just on the idea itself. A lot of factors play before a successful investment deal is made.

Not all ventures qualify for all kinds of investors. Your business plan and financial projections and obviously your implementation process plays an important role in identifying the right kind of investors. If you want to take up a franchise for a coffee shop it does not make any sense to approach venture capitalists. While if you are looking to develop a cloud application you can be assured that knocking at the bank funding is just going to be a huge waste of time. The business of investment is dependent on four factors Capital Required, Return on Investment (ROI), scalability and the risk associated.

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What do investors look for in your business plan? – Startup Funding

A killer business plan does not guarantee funding but definitely increases your chances to get funding.”

Funding depends on a lot more factors than just a business plan. For example, the management team, business model, risk associated and various other factors influences the decision of an investor. With our experience of working with over 1000 entrepreneurs across 80 countries, we can definitely vouch that in today’s competitive landscape having a well-documented business plan is definitely a key to attract investor’s attention. Each investor has specific preferences on the business plan format based on the sector they specialize in or based on the geography they cater. However, there is definitely a global standard for business planning which encompasses the salient features of your venture that an investor might need to know before investing in your venture. It is very important for an entrepreneur to invest time and  resources in creating a well-documented business plan to attract investors. Continue reading “What do investors look for in your business plan? – Startup Funding”